How to Grow Japanese Honeysuckle


A vining species from eastern Asia, Japanese honeysuckle (Lonicera japonica) proves to be an invasive species in many parts of the eastern United States. However, when maintained properly, it provides home landscapes with rich green foliage, bright yellow-white blossoms and sweet scents that carry throughout your property. An easy-growing plant, Japanese honeysuckle is appropriate for beginners.

Step 1

Place a peat moss disc for each plant you want to grow on a paper plate. Peat moss discs are found easily in garden supply shops.

Step 2

Place a Japanese honeysuckle seed into each peat moss disc. For a small yard, it's best to only plant two honeysuckle plants, as they are known to grow out of control.

Step 3

Pour about a cup of water onto each peat moss disc containing a Japanese honeysuckle seed. The discs will immediately begin to swell up to several times the original size, soaking up the moisture.

Step 4

Place the plate containing the discs in a sunny windowsill for two weeks prior to the final frost of spring in your region.

Step 5

Turn the earth in the area of your choice in your garden with a hand trowel, making sure to dig down about 8 inches. Add about 10 pounds of garden soil to the ground and turn it with the earth.

Step 6

Place the entire peat moss disc containing the sprouting honeysuckle into the ground, making sure only the plant is above the surface. Do this against a fence, trellis or the side of your house. If you are planting more than one Japanese honeysuckle plant, space them apart by at least 1 foot as they grow quite large, quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Japanese honeysuckle seeds
  • Peat moss discs
  • Paper plate
  • Hand trowel
  • Garden soil


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