How to Make Centerpieces


Table centerpieces provide your dining environment with touches of decor and festive accent. From holiday themed pieces to completely creative arrangements, making your own table centerpieces proves to be an enriching craft endeavor. Homemade centerpieces allow you the opportunity to bring touches of beauty to the table to accommodate an attractive dinner spread. Your own creativity is the only limit when it comes to making your own tabletop decorations.

Flower Centerpiece

Step 1

Place a base for your centerpiece on the center of your table. Base choices include a flower vase, fishbowl, small pail, a decorated shoe box, or anything else that adds to the decor of the kitchen while holding your centerpiece.

Step 2

Line the base with a substrate, or liner, to cushion the pieces of the centerpiece. Shredded paper, colored gravel and even water work, depending on your needs.

Step 3

Place an assortment of large-bloomed flowers in the center of the centerpiece base. Large flowers include magnolias, Asiatic lilies, snowball flowers, hydrangeas and others. Depending on the size of your centerpiece, you can use as many or as few flowers as you want.

Step 4

Surround the central arrangement of large flowers with smaller-blossomed flowers. An assortment of small flowers includes baby's breath, shasta daisies, chamomile and various wildflower types. Use as many or as few as you need to surround your large flowers.

Fruit Centerpiece

Step 1

Place a base on the center of your table. Bases for a fruit centerpiece can include a large serving platter, crystal punchbowl or even a wicker basket.

Step 2

Line the bottom of the base with a substrate of choice. For fruit baskets, shredded paper, novelty craft gravel, marbles and even leaves and pine cones serve as adequate substrate.

Step 3

Place the largest of your fruit assortment in the center of the base, to create the focal point. Large, colorful fruits such as sugar baby watermelons, honeydew, large apples and other types prove useful.

Step 4

Surround the central arrangement of large fruits with an assortment of smaller, colorful fruits. A bundle of grapes, some assorted berries and oranges provide your fruit centerpiece with variance in texture and color.

Things You'll Need

  • Base
  • Substrate
  • Fresh flowers (assorted)
  • Fresh fruit (assorted)

Who Can Help

  • Thrifty Fun: Craft Centerpieces
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