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Scotts Miracle-Gro is the world's best-selling plant food, according to the company's website. Miracle-Gro is part of a larger lawn and garden market, which includes Scotts and Ortho. Successful from its beginnings, Miracle-Gro continues to expand its product line, which now includes plant food, lawn food and potting mixes. Scotts Miracle-Gro is "committed to the environment and furthering the development of lawns, gardens and outdoor landscapes."


Miracle-Gro began in 1951 when a marketer named Horace Hagedorn and a nurseryman named Otto Stern decided to market a water-soluble plant food. The company began as a mail order business and then became a retail business. Consumers were impressed with their product. By 1994, Miracle-Gro expanded to over $100 million in sales, according to the company's website. In 1995, Miracle-Gro merged with the The Scotts Co. It sells its products in North America and Europe.


Miracle-Gro fertilizers include all-purpose plant food, rose food, flower food, tree and shrub fertilizer spikes, vegetable food, house plant food, as well as citrus and palm food. Potting mixes include moisture control, potting mix, organic choice, African violet, cactus, palm and citrus soil, along with orchid mix and soil conditioner called perlite. Miracle-Gro has a plant feeding system, which attaches to your garden hose for precise application while watering your plants. Miracle-Gro also has a garden weed preventer. The gardener has a choice between the weed preventer and the plant food with a weed preventer included.


Because Miracle-Gro fertilizers are water-soluble, the nutrients dissolve in water and are absorbed through the roots of the plant. It doesn't matter if the plant food is liquid or dry, it will dissolve easily in water, making it easy for the plant to absorb. Each Miracle-Gro product contains a formulation of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which are the building blocks of plants. Nitrogen helps promote new growth; nitrogen promotes root growth, and potassium strengthens the plant.

Product Development

Miracle-Gro continues to develop products it considers “environmentally responsible." Ready-to-use products eliminate measuring and spillage when mixing. Single-use packets promote proper amounts of usage. Packaging includes tear-resistant plastic instead of paper bags, which can rip and cause product spillage. Continuous reviews of product development help ensure products are easy to use and safe for the environment, people and animals. Miracle-Gro has reduced the amount of phosphorus in the lawn fertilizer line because of feedback from environmental groups and "key stakeholders."


Scotts Miracle-Gro products are available in big lot stores as well as lawn and garden centers. Lawn and garden centers usually have a larger selection of products. To find where you can purchase Miracle-Gro products, go to the Scotts website (see Resources), and click retail locator. Enter your ZIP code, the product brand, product category and specific product from the drop-down list. Hit submit and you will have a list of stores including the distance from your ZIP code.

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