Do it Yourself: Fall Centerpieces


Fall is one of the most enjoyable times of the year to create your own centerpieces. The abundance of materials available for centerpieces allows you to let your imagination and creativity shine. Whether you purchase items or pick them from your garden and yard, you can make a dynamic centerpiece that will reflect the meaning of autumn.


Centerpieces are not restricted to dining tables and buffet tables. Any table-type surface is ideal for displaying your centerpiece creation, and this is particularly true during the fall season. With so many holidays and special events occurring in the autumn, and the easily acquired supplies for fall centerpieces, you can make clever and striking displays for end tables, coffee tables, mantels and dressers. A few fall centerpieces placed throughout your home will welcome the autumn season.

Seasonal Icons

There is an abundance of seasonal icons associated with fall. Pumpkins, gourds, squash, Indian corn, nuts, berries, colorful leaves, seed pods, cornucopias, baskets are all wonderful elements to incorporate into the centerpiece you make. You can also use flowers like chrysanthemums and daises. A walk through your yard or garden will provide you with inspiration and materials for several fall centerpieces. Add ribbons or candles to your autumn creations as a finishing touch.

Color Palette

Earthy, warm colors are the hues of fall. Bright reds, shades of yellow, orange, rust, burgundy and brown; light to dark olive green; and accents of gold are the colors found in autumn centerpieces. Restrict your selection to one or two colors using a variety of shades for a sophisticated and elegant look. Incorporating a wide spectrum of fall colors into your centerpieces will make it most casual, cheerful and inviting.


Your fall centerpieces can convey a fall holiday theme or simply give a feeling of a bountiful harvest. Use carved pumpkins, cut-out bats and plastic spiders as part of Halloween centerpieces, while fruits and nuts in a cornucopia or basket are perfect at Thanksgiving. Expansive, elegant fall centerpieces with candles can be made for side tables and buffets, then make small casual displays with only a few elements, which are ideal for accenting end tables, counter tops, entryways and dressers.


Utilizing material from your yard and garden to create your autumn centerpieces is inexpensive and gives your displays a personal touch. Items that come directly from outdoors, like dried seed pods and branches, should be carefully inspected for insects before bringing inside. Giving dried items a light coat of clear spray paint will help preserve them and keep seeds and such from dropping from pods. Clean gourds, berries and other fruits and vegetables before they are used in your centerpieces, particularly if food will be placed near the display.

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