How to Make Small Valentine Centerpieces


Small Valentine’s Day centerpieces can brighten up your holiday table whether it is for just the two of you, or you are having a dinner party. Keeping the centerpiece small will allow everyone at the dinner table to see each other without obstruction. These centerpieces can be made as simple and inexpensive or as elaborate as you like. Most will only take a few minutes to half an hour to create and may only require items that you already have around your home.

Simple Centerpieces

Step 1

Fill a small bowl with water and float rose petals on top. Place a few floating heart-shaped candles in the bowl and light them as you sit down to dinner. This centerpiece looks great on a coffee table too, while guests are mingling before dinner.

Step 2

Place red roses and pink and white carnations in a 12-inch clear vase. While holding them in the center, fill the vase with red and clear glass pieces and water. Place the vase in the center of the table and place rose petals around it on the table.

Step 3

Place a red paper doily on a pedestal lay eight stems of white rosebuds on it so the buds are just about hanging over the edge. Fill the pedestal with chocolate-covered strawberries.

Heart Box and Flowers

Step 1

Cut a small plastic trash bag to fit the bottom and sides of a heart-shaped candy box or basket and put it in place.

Step 2

Cut a piece of floral foam, using a craft knife, to fit in the box or basket and place it in water until it is fully soaked. Take the foam out and allow it to drip off before placing it in the box.

Step 3

Place a 4- to 6-inch votive in the center of the foam and push it down firmly so it makes an impression in the foam. Put a red tea candle in the votive. For larger boxes and baskets, you can use a 6- to 8-inch pillar candle.

Step 4

Cut pink and white carnations with enough stem to stick into the floral foam. Leave enough to go around the candle a little longer than the rest so that they stand out more.

Step 5

Stick the flowers into the foam until it is completely full and you cannot see any part of the foam. Keep the foam moist for longer lasting flowers.

Things You'll Need

  • Small decorative or clear bowl
  • Floating heart-shaped candles
  • Rose petals
  • Red roses
  • Pink and white carnations
  • 12-inch clear vase
  • Red and clear glass pieces
  • Cake pedestal
  • Red paper doily
  • Chocolate covered strawberries
  • 8 white rose bud stems
  • Heart shaped candy box or basket
  • Craft knife
  • Floral foam
  • Votive
  • Red tea candle


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