How to Use Shredded Cedar in Potting Soil


Creating the richest soil possible is the best way to make sure the flowers you plant remain healthy and strong as long as possible. This will help you get years of enjoyment out of each plant. One way to enrich your basic potting soil is to add shredded cedar to the potting mix. Do this before you plant the pot so that you are not disturbing the plant roots later on.

Step 1

Fill your container halfway up with potting soil.

Step 2

Use your 1-inch cedar shavings to fill the next quarter of the container.

Step 3

Top the last quarter of the container off with compost.

Step 4

Mix the three ingredients together with a garden shovel. Plant your plant or flower.

Tips and Warnings

  • According to Four Winds Growers, never mix spruce or pine shavings in with your potting soil.

Things You'll Need

  • Container or flower pot
  • Potting soil
  • 1-inch cedar shavings
  • Compost
  • Garden shovel


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