How to Make a Head Table Centerpiece


Plan a dramatic head table centerpiece for the wedding. Flowers that are readily available from the garden or florist work well for wedding reception centerpieces. Match the bridal bouquet or insert the floral creation into the centerpiece. The head table centerpiece incorporates colors and fresh or silk flowers used at the ceremony and reception. It is a highlight piece for the reception that will show up in wedding photos. It is noticed by all guests who look at the newlywed couple when they are seated during the event.

Step 1

Secure one or two blocks of floral foam in the container with waterproof floral tape. Soak the foam with water when using fresh flowers. Cover the foam with moss or pieces of greenery. Use leather leaf, sprengeri fern or pittosporum which is cut into 3-inch to 4-inch lengths.

Step 2

Cut a spray of orchids, gladiolus, snapdragon or stock stem at a length of 10 inches to 15 inches. Insert it into the center of the end of the foam. Allow the stem or spray to drape the side of the container. The end of the flower will lie on the table surface at the side of the centerpiece. Repeat on the other end of the arrangement.

Step 3

Cut four of the same flower stems at 6-inch to 8-inch lengths. Insert two of the stems at the top of each end of the foam. The stem ends will form the point of a V at the insertion point.

Step 4

Select a single rose, carnation, gerbera daisy, lily or matching bridal bouquet flower. Cut it at 6 inches tall. Insert it in the center of the top of the foam. Cut more flowers at 4-inch to 6-inch lengths and add them into the foam.

Step 5

Add filler flowers such as German statice, asters, colored statice, baby's breath or astilbe sprigs between the larger flowers. View the centerpiece from all sides to make sure that is has no empty or uneven spaces.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not place candles into a centerpiece if the materials are flammable.

Things You'll Need

  • Low container
  • One or two blocks of floral foam
  • Sharp knife
  • Flowers and greenery


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