Do It Yourself Thanksgiving Centerpieces


Your Thanksgiving table is not complete if it does not include a centerpiece. Centerpieces for holiday celebrations, particularly Thanksgiving, can be considered a part the holiday traditions. From elegant to one your children put together, your homemade Thanksgiving centerpiece should reflect the spirit of the season at your table.


In several countries, including the United States, one day out of the year is set aside to give thanks and celebrate a bountiful harvest season. The Thanksgiving centerpiece on your table strengthens the theme of the holiday and enhances the food, giving added enjoyment to family and friends gathered at your home.


Your Thanksgiving centerpiece can be simple or ornate, casual or quite formal depending on the type of celebration you plan. Larger assembled centerpieces are used for buffet tables. These centerpieces can be quite formal with candles, large floral displays and silver candelabras, or part of the culinary offerings with edible components, and everything in between. For a dining table, your centerpiece should be small regardless of whether you decide to make it in a formal or casual style, though it can stretch wide down the length of the table.


A mainstay of Thanksgiving centerpieces is a cornucopia, which represents food and abundance. Fruits and vegetables associated with autumn, like pumpkins, squash, gourds, corn, nuts, apples and berries, are often elements of a fall or Thanksgiving centerpieces. Colorful fall leaves, along with autumn flowers, particularly chrysanthemums and daisies, are favorites for creating Thanksgiving centerpieces. A walk through your garden and yard may provide you with an abundance of material to create an attractive centerpiece.


When someone thinks about Thanksgiving colors, the association is to the warm, earthy colors of fall. Yellow, orange, reds, rust, burgundy, browns, tan, olive green, and ivory are common hues to incorporate into your Thanksgiving centerpiece.


When you create your centerpiece for a Thanksgiving gathering make sure all the elements are clean, particularly if the arrangement will be near food. A dining table centerpiece needs to be low so it does not interfere with table conversations. Many Thanksgiving dinner tables include special napkin holders, placecards and favors for your guests and your centerpiece can, and should, coordinate with these extra decorations.

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