Crafts With Wooden Flowerpots

Wooden flowerpots are a blank slate for a variety of crafts projects. Decorate the pots with acrylic paints, ceramic tiles, glass cabochons and buttons to create whimsical ornaments, centerpieces and garden art. Turn wooden pots upside down to make conical shaped crafts and join the pots together as building blocks for crafty décor.

Wind Chimes

Make a striking header for a set of wind chimes by painting a wooden flower pot. The inverted pot will camouflage some of the wind chime mechanics; use the drainage hole to thread a hanger on the top of the inverted flower pot. Glue a dowel inside the pot so you can tie the wind chime strands in an evenly separated row. A metal craft ring works if you prefer a circular set of wind chimes. Decorate the pot with strands of fishing line with colorful glass beads, back-to-back tiles, crystal prisms, craft bells or old utensils.


Create decorative holiday ornaments with inverted wooden flower pots, acrylic paint, foam balls and an assortment of embellishments. Paint the flowerpot and the foam ball to resemble Santa, a snowman or an angel during Christmas. Glue buttons and cotton balls down the front of the pot to make Santa or the snowman and cover the painted pot with glitter to make an angel ornament. Doll hair works for Santa and the angel. Make a top hat for the snowman and a stocking cap for Santa from felt.

Painted Centerpiece

Paint decorative images onto wooden flowerpots to create centerpieces for your next garden event. Paint a random mosaic design with a variety of acrylic colors or garden scenery with the help of templates or stencils. It’s easier to paint on wooden flowerpots than to paint terra cotta pots--the wood does not absorb the paint as the porous terra cotta does. Place floral foam inside the painted pot and insert flowers, lollypops or other decorative objects with stems to complete the centerpiece.

Flowerpot People

Make wooden flowerpot people to guard your garden to add whimsy to your front porch. Arrange two pots of the same size rim to rim to make the body, with another, smaller pot inverted or upright on top as the head. Add yarn, straw or a mop for hair to an inverted pot head, topped with a decorative hat. Plant a flower in an upright head. Nestle a row of very small wooden pots together with wire to create arms; nestle slightly larger pots to make legs. You can paint faces and clothing on the wooden pots to create more lifelike flowerpot people.

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