How to Create a Tropical Flower Centerpiece


Tropical centerpieces are popular for weddings, luaus and parties everywhere. There are hundreds of tropical flowers and foliages to choose from to make your centerpiece. Many tropical flowers are very large and tall, which work well in vases for large tables where multiple centerpieces are needed. Other types of tropical centerpieces work well with candles and tropical fruits. Small, low centerpieces work best in an intimate setting when there is just the two of you. Tropicals can be fun, dramatic or romantic depending on your need.

Step 1

Cut the floral foam to fit inside the container. Place it in the container and put the pineapple in the center. Using your craft knife, mark around the bottom outside of the pineapple and take the pineapple off. Cut the center out so the bottom of the pineapple sits in the foam. This will make it sturdy so it won’t fall over.

Step 2

Soak the floral foam until it changes to a dark green, indicating it is completely soaked. Place the foam into the container and put the pineapple in the center. It is best not to attach the pineapple with metal anchors as the pineapple will begin to rot. If it is still not sturdy, hot glue the bottom to the container.

Step 3

Start by placing the foliage around the pineapple. Stick the stems into the floral foam, or if there is not enough stem, wrap floral wire around the end and stick the wire into the foam. Place some of the foliage close to the pineapple and allow some to hang over the edge of the container. Use about 10 pieces, more or less, to make it looked balanced as not each stem will have the same amount of foliage.

Step 4

Stick the heliconias in four to six locations so half the flower is over the edge of the container. Next, place the anturiums close to the pineapple and the Bird of Paradise flowers halfway between the pineapple and outer edge of the container.

Step 5

Fill in around the larger flowers with the begonias and bitter gourds. Some of these will need to go under other flowers and some over to give the centerpiece a more balanced look. Drape some of the smaller flowers out over the outer edge of the container to give a more formal look to the centerpiece.

Things You'll Need

  • Pineapple
  • Large oval container for a dish garden
  • Craft knife
  • Floral foam
  • Floral wire
  • Tropical foliage such as house bamboo
  • Heliconias flowers
  • Bird of Paradise flowers
  • Anthurium flowers
  • Small white begonias
  • Bitter gourd flowers


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