Ideas for Autumn Floral Table Centerpieces

Autumn is a time when families move indoors and celebrate holidays that emphasize food, warmth and love. It's easy to decorate the table with a centerpiece created from the bounty that is available during the fall season. Create an autumn floral table centerpiece for your formal dining room table, Thanksgiving dinner, or create a few small ones to place on end tables and coffee tables around your home.

Floating Flowers

Flower blossoms that are showy and sturdy work well for a simple but beautiful centerpiece. Choose fall-blooming flowers such as sunflowers, mums or dahlias. Snip off the heads, leaving an inch or so of the stem, and place them in a shallow, decorative bowl full of water. The short height of the container works well for dinner tables because it is decorative, but still allows your guests to see each other and converse easily.

Tower of Flowers

Arrange several clear glass vases or tubes of varying heights in the center of your table. Place one or more small pumpkins or gourds in the bottom of each tube. Then, fill the containers with water and place flowers of your choice in them. Intersperse the flowers with branches containing colorful autumn leaves for even more of a fall flair.

Blooming Pumpkin

Use a hollowed-out pumpkin as a vase. Clean out the pumpkin. Soak a piece of floral foam in water until it is saturated, and place the foam into the pumpkin. Arrange your flowers by inserting them into the foam one stem at a time. Use flowers in colors that will compliment the bright orange of the pumpkin, such as yellow, red and creamy white. Set the lid of the pumpkin at a jaunty angle leaning up against the pumpkin, or get rid of it entirely. For an elegant look perfect for a fall wedding, use a white pumpkin and fill it with white roses, baby's breath and ivy.

Wine Bottle Vase

Use an empty wine bottle as a vase. Wine evokes the feeling of cozy fall family dinners, and using a wine bottle as a vase is a great way to recycle your wine bottles. Clean the bottle out and fill it with lukewarm water, then add floral preservative and branches covered with fall berries, such as barberries or cranberries. Enhance the sophisticated look of the branches of berries with a few roses in fall colors.

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