Bermuda Grass Varieties

Bermuda grass is a warm season grass found in tropical and subtropical regions throughout the United States. With a tolerance for cold temperatures, prolonged drought and high levels of pedestrian foot-traffic, Bermuda grass is a good choice for sunny lawn areas used for outdoor activities. Golf courses, sports fields and parks often use Bermuda grass.


U-3 (C. dactylon) is a variety of Bermuda grass developed at the Savannah Golf Club in 1936. This variety is tolerant of cold temperatures and is desired because of its ability to thrive in different types of soil conditions. U-3 has a fine texture as opposed to the common Bermuda grass coarse texture.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana (C. dactylon x C. transvaalensis) Bermuda grass originated in South Africa and was further developed at UCLA in 1956. This variety is desired for its deep blue-green color, medium texture and color retention into the fall months. Salt and smog tolerant, Santa Ana requires proper maintenance to avoid thatch buildup.


Ormond (C. dactylon) Bermuda grass was extracted from a fairway in Ormond Beach, Florida and released by the Florida Agricultural Department in 1962. Medium textured with a blue-green color, Ormond grass is resistant to disease but doesn't tolerate cold temperatures. This variety is primarily grown on Florida's golf courses and recreational fields.

Pee Dee

Pee Dee (C. dactylon x C. transvaalensis) Bermuda grass was initially developed in South Carolina and released by the South Carolina Agricultural Department in 1968. A dwarf variety of common Bermuda, Pee Dee is fast spreading, low growing, dark green colored and extremely fined textured. This unique combination of attributes makes Pee Dee an ideal putting green grass on southern golf courses.

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