How to Tie Up Grape Vines


The process of training a grape vine can take a couple of seasons, and is always a work in progress. Do not expect any fruit the first season your grape vine is planted. Grape vines generally do well climbing a wire trellis. You can build your own or buy one from a local gardening center. Tying the fruit-bearing branches to the trellis will help the plant support the fruit without bending or breaking.

Step 1

Cut string into a few 4- to 6-inch long sections. Push a bamboo stake into the ground behind the main trunk of the grape vine. Tie the grape vine to the stake, using two strings, one near the top, the other near the bottom.

Step 2

Select two main branches on either side of the grape vine near the bottom wire on the trellis. Use string to gently tie the branches to the wire.

Step 3

Move up to the next wire on the trellis and select two more main branches on either side of the grape vine. Tie these branches to the wire with string.

Step 4

Continue tying up the grape vine in this fashion, moving up the trellis, until you have worked your way up the entire length of the grape vine.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire trellis
  • Bamboo stake
  • String
  • Scissors


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