Do it Yourself Centerpieces


Whatever event you are planning to host, including a centerpiece to a dining table or buffet will truly make it a party. You do not need to spend much money or time to create your own wonderful centerpieces, just ideas and inspiration to start. Many times objects you already have can be transformed into a trendy, attractive arrangement.

Get Inspired

One of the ideal ways to get inspiration for your centerpieces is to look at florist websites, home decor sites, furniture stores and architectural magazines. By looking at photographs of table top displays you can get ideas on placement and objects to use in your centerpieces.


There are so many things in your home that you can use for containers to create a unique and stylish centerpiece. Containers that are clear glass or plastic can be filled with fruit, like lemons, apples or hard berries; colored marbles; shells; tiny toys or ornaments. You can use casserole dishes, candy dishes, canning jars or fish bowls. Other kitchen items make interesting containers. Pitchers, wine goblets, tea cups and saucers and coffee mugs can turn an ordinary flower arrangement into something special.


Flowers are often used for centerpieces, but that does not mean your floral centerpiece needs to be just a bouquet in a vase. To make a memorable flower centerpiece, using several small containers of different heights clustered in place of one larger vase will look attractive and use fewer flowers. Floating flowers in a low dish with petals on the table surrounding the dish is trendy and classic.


Candles, either combined with other elements like flowers and branches or by themselves, is quick and inexpensive. Candles in holders or candelabras with foliage, berries and something sparkly wrapped and intertwined around the base is a more formal approach to creating a centerpiece. But using chunky pillar candles in various sizes can be stunning.


Many times, having a theme for your event will make it much easier to create your centerpieces. Beach, pool or tropical themes lend themselves to centerpieces that feature sand, sea shells, sand pails and shovels, sunflowers, sunglasses and sandals. If you have a particular theme, look through thrift shops and your local discount or dollar store for inexpensive props to incorporated into your centerpieces.

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