How to Tie a Ribbon Bow for a Wreath


During the holiday season, you can purchase completely-decorated wreaths to adorn the door of your home, or you can purchase plain wreaths that you can decorate yourself. In addition to the ornaments and holly you might want to use to decorate your wreath, a large bow can add a splash of color and can be tied in many ways.

Plain Bow

Step 1

Fold the ribbon over so that you have two strands that are the same length. Pinch the center of the ribbon, where the fold is, in one hand and trail your other hand down one of the strands until you have a 4- to 5-inch tail left. Pinch the strand of ribbon and fold it up so that it meets the center of the ribbon to form a large loop.

Step 2

Wrap the second strand of the ribbon around the loop made with the first strand, much as you would tie a shoe. Push the ribbon through the loop created when you wrapped the second side around the first.

Step 3

Tug the ribbon gently to tighten the knot in the middle. Continue pulling until the loops on both sides of the bow are roughly the same size.

Step 4

Spread out both sides of the bow so that the loops of the bow appear full and open. If the knot in the center of the bow feels loose, use a safety pin on the backside of the bow to pin the parts of the bow together.

Multi-Loop Bow

Step 1

Fold the ribbon in half so the sides are even. Make a small loop in one side of the ribbon right beside the fold. Then make a small loop in the other side of the ribbon on the other side of the fold, so that the two sides make a sideways figure eight.

Step 2

Make another loop in the right half of the ribbon directly beside the first loop, but make the loop slightly larger than the first. Repeat on the left side, so that you have two loops on each side of the ribbon with the bottom loops slightly larger than the first.

Step 3

Create additional loops on each side, with the loops getting slightly larger as you move away from the center. Make as many loops as you want on each side until you run out of ribbon.

Step 4

Push thin wire through the loops in the ribbon so that all of the pieces stay in place. Twist the wire on the back side of the bow to hide it.

Things You'll Need

  • Ribbon
  • Safety pin
  • Thin wire


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