DIY Beach Theme Centerpieces


Creating a centerpiece for your beach-themed event can change an average-looking table into something festive and inviting for your guests. Beach themes are used for so many occasions and celebrations, from weddings and birthdays to showers, retirement parties, anniversaries or a summer party. A DIY beach-themed centerpiece can tie your party decorations together without a lot of expense.


A beach party theme centerpiece should be the focal point of the table, where your guest's attention is first drawn. The centerpiece should complement the rest of your beach decorations as well as the food. The elements, colors and design you use should express a feeling of being at the beach for your guests.


The elements of a beach party centerpiece can include white sand, seashells, flowers, candles, sand pails and shovels, sunglasses or sandals--objects your guests might find or use at the beach. Sand is often used as a base, spread over the center of the table, with your other elements placed on top.


Yellow is a prevalent color for beach themed centerpieces. You can use yellow, or shades of yellow, exclusively, or combine it with other colors. Combine yellow with bright, warm colors like orange, pinks and reds. Or select a more neutral palette of tans, beiges and browns, particularly for a more formal affair. Add the cool colors of aqua, blues and sea foam green to add contrast to a beach themed centerpiece.


If you chose to use flowers as part of your beach centerpiece you do not necessarily need to use exotic, tropical blooms like orchids and imported flowers. You can select flowers that look tropical to give your centerpiece a beach and tropical look. Lilies, hibiscus, jasmine and gerbera daisies are good substitutes for expensive, exotic tropical flowers in your centerpiece.


Use a beach theme for casual affairs, like a summer get-together or picnic, pool parties or at the beach itself. On these occasions your beach centerpiece should be more relaxed, carefree and perhaps whimsical. Using beach toys and beachwear, like sunglasses, visors and sandals, will add the beach feeling to a casual centerpiece. Create more sophisticated and formal beach centerpieces for special events, such as weddings, birthdays and showers.


Because a DIY beach themed centerpiece will be close to the food you are serving, take care that the elements you use are clean and sterile. Any sand and shells should be from sealed packaging and placed away from food items. If your centerpiece will be on a dining table, make sure it is low enough so it will not interfere with conversation.

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