How to Make a Baby Nursery Wreath Step-by-Step


Nothing is more fun than decorating a nursery for a new baby, but sometimes a tight budget can make it hard to buy all those cute items in the baby stores. Do not despair, making your own baby nursery wreath is inexpensive when using basic baby items and flowers from your garden that have been dried. This wreath can be made for a baby shower and then given to the expectant mom to hang in the nursery afterwards.

Step 1

Select a foam wreath at a craft supply store that is approximately 8 to 12 inches in diameter. Determine how large or small you want the wreath to be and choose the wreath size that will work for you.

Step 2

Buy a bag of size 1 disposable diapers. Unfold approximately 20 to 25 diapers, but do not open out the sides of the diapers. The amount of diapers needed for the wreath may vary depending on the size of the wreath you use.

Step 3

Place a diaper around the wreath from the inside of the wreath so the two ends meet on the outside edges of the wreath. Secure the loose ends together with a rubber band, pulling the diaper snugly around the wreath. Add rest of the diapers in the same way, pushing them close together as they are added to create a full wreath.

Step 4

Tie an 8-inch length of 1/2 inch-wide ribbon over each rubber band and tie into a bow. Use ribbon in colors to match the nursery or a combination of baby-friendly colors.

Step 5

Group together about three or four small dried flowers and secure together with a rubber band around the stems. Cut the stems to approximately two inches long. Add the dried flowers to the wreath, by placing them underneath the ribbon on each diaper. Secure them with a bendable wire from the craft store if they don't stay put.

Things You'll Need

  • Foam wreath
  • 1 bag of disposable diapers, size 1
  • Rubber bands
  • Ribbon
  • Dried flowers
  • Wire


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