Bayer Weed Control Directions


When your lawn begins to become overrun with weeds, you will need to find a weed killer that won't kill your grass at the same time. Bayer makes a product that does just that. Bayer Advanced All-in-One Weed Killer for Lawns will kill over 200 different types of weeds including dandelions, nutgrass and clover. Best of all, it won't destroy your grass. It is important to follow all of the instructions on the product label for safety, and to get the best results.

Step 1

Water your lawn 24 hours before you are ready to apply the Bayer weed killer. Bayer doesn't work as well on dry lawns.

Step 2

Dress appropriately. Whenever you work with chemicals, wear long clothing. It is also advisable to put on a pair of goggles, chemical resistant gloves and a mask. This is for your own protection.

Step 3

Place 1 1/2 oz. of Bayer Advanced All-in-One Weed Killer for Lawns in your pump sprayer for Fescue Northern lawns, and 2 1/2 oz. for all other types of Northern lawns. Use 3 1/2 oz. of the Bayer Advanced for Southern lawns.

Step 4

Add 1 gallon of water to the pump sprayer. You now have enough weed killer to cover 500 sq. ft. of lawn. You can always double or triple the ingredients to cover a larger area.

Step 5

Place the lid back on the pump sprayer and give it a shake. This will combine the weed killer and the water.

Step 6

Hold the handle of the pump sprayer 12 inches from the weeds and begin spraying. If your pump sprayer nozzle has settings, choose coarse spray.

Tips and Warnings

  • If you have an emergency using this product call 1-877-229-3763. Do not apply this product near lakes, ponds or rivers because it may harm fish and other aquatic life. You cannot use Bayer weed killer on St. Augustine grass.

Things You'll Need

  • Long clothing
  • Goggles
  • Chemical resistant gloves
  • Mask
  • Water
  • Pump sprayer
  • Bayer Advanced All-in-One Weed Killer for Lawns


  • Bayer Advanced: Product Label
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