How to Buy Real Pressed Flowers


Real pressed flowers are used in crafts such as homemade greeting cards, floral pictures and scrapbook pages. You can make pressed flowers from your own garden flowers. A pressing kit, available at most craft stores, makes pressing flowers an easy, anybody-can-do activity. But you can press flowers without a pressing kit using homemade materials such as heavy books. Buying real pressed flowers, though, will save you time and offer more flower varieties, such as those that do not grow in your area and flowers that are too large for pressing at home.

Step 1

Identify real pressed flowers. Pressed flowers are real flower blooms, pressed while they are still colorful and fresh. They are flat and dry--and they are not the same thing as dried flowers, which still hold their original shape.

Step 2

Purchase pressed flowers from a local store that sells crafts. You can usually buy them in clear plastic sleeves. Check that the flowers are not damaged. The petals should be intact, not broken or cracked. They should have good color. According to University of Missouri Extension, pressed flowers that are dried too quickly lose some of their color.

Step 3

Buy real pressed flowers online. Pressed flowers bought in greater quantities are usually cheaper than lesser quantities. Consider shipping costs when comparing prices among businesses. Also check to see whether the flowers come with a guarantee since they can be damaged during delivery.


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