Arrangements for White Flower Wedding Bouquets


A white wedding bouquet will complement your dress without taking attention away from it. White bouquets used in weddings can bring elegance with an added touch of formality to even a casual wedding. And, many flowers look best as white, just like certain flower blossoms lend themselves better to one style of wedding bouquet than another.


Wedding bouquets can be traced back to ancient times when herbs and flowers were carried to ward of evil and give good luck to the couple. In the early 19th century, Queen Victoria of England carried a small bouquet called a posy during her wedding to Prince Albert. This small posy of marigolds was to symbolize the beauty of the bride. Queen Victoria's wedding posy quickly became popular and is the forerunner of the variety of bouquet styles offered today.


Many brides select the color theme for their wedding and the color of their flowers for the symbolic meaning of the color. This holds true for white, which is why it is so prevalent in all aspects of a wedding ceremony. The color white traditionally represents innocence, purity and new beginnings, which are concepts associated with weddings.

Shades of White

White wedding flowers come in a variety of shades of white, so it is important to decide what shade will complement your dress and wedding decor. White wedding flowers come in shades of cream, ivory, yellow undertone, a hint of pink, bluish snow tones or bright white.


You can choose from dozens of wedding bouquet styles, but some lend themselves better to a single color bouquet than others. Your bouquet style, regardless of the color you select, should complement your wedding gown, not overwhelm it. Popular styles for white wedding bouquets are nosegays, posy, presentation, composite flower, single flower and the cascading bouquet.


Several flower species are more popular for white wedding bouquets and are frequently selected. Some are more suited to be used in a particular bouquet style. White roses are used for elegant bouquets in the nosegay, posy, composition and cascading bouquet styles, while long-stemmed calla lilies and gladiolus are better suited for a presentation-styled bouquet. Lilies, freesias, baby breath, lily of the valley, carnations, tulips, stephanotis, orchids, and daisies are favorite white flowers that can be used in almost any wedding bouquet style you select. A new, trendy white flower wedding bouquet style is for the bride to carry a single-white hydrangea blossom accented with greenery and ribbons.

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