What Household Items Are Used for Lawn Weed Control?

There are many reasons to seek remedies for troublesome lawn and garden weeds. The cost of herbicides is obviously a major concern. Protecting the environment, is as much a concern. More satisfying than growing a healthy garden is the gratification of having done it without the use of chemicals.

Boiling water

Boiling water is the cheapest and most accessible home remedy for killing weeds. Applying boiling water directly to the weed kills it within three to days. This method works best for driveways, sidewalks and beds where there is no fear of killing surrounding grass or plants.


Apply household bleach with a spray bottle to unwanted weeds. Spot treatments in small amounts will kill the targeted vegetation, leaving the area safe for planting within two to three days. Coat the entire weed from top to bottom with a bleach mist. Avoid contact desirable plants with the spray.


Vinegar works best on very young weeds, but repeated applications on more mature garden invaders will work. White or cider vinegar kills the weed’s leaves, ultimately depleting the plant of its energy stores. A spray bottle is the best applicator for targeting troublesome weeds.

Corn Gluten

Corn gluten prevents weeds from germinating. It works great as a pre-emergent in keeping weeds from sprouting at all. Use it carefully because corn gluten not only prevents weeds from coming up, it will prevent desirable seeds from propagating as well. Broadcast the corn gluten just as fertilizer or seeds. The gluten must contact the soil in order to stop the weeds as they sprout from seeds.

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