How to Get Rid of Bent Grass on Home Lawns


Creeping bent grass (Agrostis palustris) is a perennial, cool-climate grass typically found in the northern United States. It is a dense-growing grass sometimes used for golf courses, as it needs constant maintenance to thrive. It's vigorous, but shallow root system makes it an invasive grass that can quickly take over other grass in your lawn. Spot treatment of the invasive bent grass is required to remove it without harming your lawn in the process.

Step 1

Mix a small quantity of a non-selective herbicide in a bucket. Follow the product directions for proper mixing instructions.

Step 2

Apply the herbicide directly onto the leaves of the bent grass with a small paintbrush. Also apply the herbicide 6 inches outward from the bent grass patch, onto the other grass in the lawn. This ensures any bent grass mixed in with your lawn, near the patches, is also killed.

Step 3

Wait one week for the bent grass to die off. Inspect the areas where the herbicide was applied. If any bent grass is still alive, reapply the herbicide to the bent grass.

Step 4

Dig out the dead bent grass from the lawn with your hands or a small gardening shovel.

Step 5

Reseed the bare areas with grass seed. Spread seed on the soil, by hand, and water the soil to moisten it.

Step 6

Water the areas regularly to keep them moist until germination occurs. The grass seed should germinate in approximately two to three weeks.

Tips and Warnings

  • Do not let the herbicide soak into the soil. It will travel through the root system in your lawn and may kill more grass than you intend.

Things You'll Need

  • Non-selective herbicide
  • Bucket
  • Small paintbrush
  • Shovel
  • Grass seed


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