How to Make Roses out of Strawberries or Apple Peels


Garnishing is the art of turning food into attractive objects, like flowers or swirls, to decorate plates or dishes. While garnishes aren't generally meant to be eaten, they are certainly edible. Some of the most popular garnishes are flower designs, and no flower is as popular as the rose. Turn strawberries and apple peels into attractive rose decorations, and you'll impress the guests at your next gathering.

Strawberry Rosebud

Step 1

Stand a strawberry on a cutting board with the hull down and the bottom pointing up.

Step 2

Make a slice in the strawberry from the tip down the right side of the berry. Angle the knife out a bit so you are cutting parallel to the strawberry sides instead of cutting straight down. Stop when you are about 1/8 inch from the strawberry hull.

Step 3

Make three more cuts in the strawberry in the same manner, but going around the strawberry. You will create another cut on the left side, then another at the top and at the bottom. The finished design will look like a pyramid inside the strawberry.

Step 4

Slip the knife tip into the cuts and gently push the strawberry edges outside to separate them slightly from the rest of the berry. This will create the illusion of rosebud petals around the central piece.

Step 5

Place the strawberry rosebuds on a plate with the hulls down. Set mint leaves at the base of the strawberries to simulate rose leaves.

Apple Peel Rose

Step 1

Peel an apple by removing the peeling in a long spiral, going around and around the apple. Remove the peeling in one long piece, if possible.

Step 2

Cut off the first 6 inches of the peeling at the end at which the peeling is the widest. Curl this peel around in a circle, overlapping the ends. Allow this curl to sit flat on a plate.

Step 3

Roll the remaining peeling into a spiral. Roll it up snugly, but not so tight that you are in danger of tearing the peeling. Hold the peel tightly while you roll it, as it has a tendency to slip out and unroll.

Step 4

Place the rolled peeling spiral onto the flatter circle of peeling. The spiral will unwind and loosen slightly, but the peeling circle will keep the spiral's general design in shape. Place the entire structure onto a plate for decoration.

Things You'll Need

  • Large, fresh strawberries with no blemishes
  • Mint leaves
  • Sharp knife
  • Apples


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