John Deere Lawn Tractor Parts List

The John Deere company produces several lines of lawn mowers, the Scotts machine being one of the popular brands. The John Deere name continues its tradition of reliable and durable service. With proper care and storage, it is uncommon to encounter serious issues. However, routine maintenance and service is a necessity to ensuring the machine delivers the best performance expected. As part of this service, replacement and cleaning of certain components are required.


John Deere riding lawn mowers ship from the factory with JD branded batteries. The 12 volt batteries, for the most part, are sealed and maintenance free. It is not uncommon to get several years of dependable service from the same battery. Replacement batteries are available from most lawn and garden stores. Other brands of batteries are in most cases equal in quality as the original.

Oil Filter

If a single John Deere part were named the most important, the engine oil filter is a strong candidate. Larger engine models, 17 horsepower and up, employ a spin-on oil filter for trapping wear metals and contaminants from the engine oil. The filter should be replaced once per season at a minimum – each time the oil is changed.

Fuel Filter

Many lawn mower owners discover the importance of the engine fuel filter after it has plugged up. Inconspicuously positioned in the fuel line – next to the engine – it prevents sediment and trash from entering the carburetor from the fuel tank. Most John Deere fuel filters are standard, and the same type and size will serve as a replacement regardless of the brand name. Fuel filter replacement once per mowing season is sound practice.

Air Cleaner – Element

An engine killer is dirt and contamination within the engine. There are only three ways outside dirt and dust can enter the internal workings of an engine: the fuel, the air or the oil. With the fuel and oil filters doing their job, the air cleaner element also plays an enormous defensive role. Air must pass through the filter before mixing with the fuel in the carburetor – while leaving hitchhiking passengers, like dirt, behind in the filter. If dirt enters the carburetor, it will either plug the jets, or enter the engine and generate excessive wear. Cleaning the air filter before or after each mowing session is an excellent way to insure it performs properly.


Just like any mower, if a John Deere mower is used at all, the mower blades will dull and wear. Sharpening dull blades will prolong their serviceable life, but only for an extra season or two. Replacement blades are one should come from a JD dealer. Using original manufacturer blades ensures a proper fit, as well as an improved balance.


Additional wear components to expect to replace in time is the John Deere belts. Generally, the condition of the belt can be observed year to year with a basic visual inspection. Signs of cracking or missing bits of belt are a tale tale sign a new belt is needed. Similar to the mower blades, John Deere belts should be used as replacements versus an aftermarket brand.

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