Ideas for Borders & Lawn Edging

Used to delineate the edges of garden beds, walkways and driveways at the point they intersect the lawn, edging keeps grass from growing in garden beds and mulch from migrating into the lawn area. Properly installed lawn edging removes the need to hand trim grass because their tops are below the level of the lawn mower.

Lawn Edging

Lawn edging can be made of black plastic, metal or stone. The edging is installed so most of its height is below ground. A lawn edging border can be made without any physical barrier by driving a square-bladed spade along the border and removing a width of sod and dirt. The resulting air space will delineate the border for several months, but will need to be periodically re-done.

Shrub Border

A shrub border along the edge of your lawn to creates privacy or screens an unsightly view. Shrub borders can be planted using one species of shrub for a formal look or several different species for a more casual effect. Shrub borders usually feature a type of lawn edging to delineate the border between their edge and the lawn.

Perennial Border

Filled with a variety of perennial flowers and plants, a properly planted perennial border will change throughout the year as flowers bloom in their proper season. They are often planted alongside a driveway, walkway or the property line to create a “living” border. As with shrub borders, perennial flower borders also feature a lawn edging material to separate the growing bed from the lawn area or pavement.

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