Do It Yourself Party Centerpieces


Including a centerpiece on your party tables will add to the festivities. Your party table centerpieces do not need to be extravagant or expensive, they do not even need to include cut flowers. Once you discover a few hints and ideas, making your own centerpieces will be fun and easy.


You will want your party centerpiece to look professional, yet reflect your party theme. Visiting florist websites and home magazine websites can give you ideas for your centerpieces. Many times the centerpieces are simply incorporated into a photograph about a dining room or kitchen. Keep an eye out for table decorations in photographs in home and architectural magazines. Local fine furniture stores and department stores may also have centerpieces that inspire you.


For a party, where you will probably need only one centerpiece, using flowers is easy, quick and inexpensive, as long as you purchase flowers that are in season or use blooms from your own garden. Pick your flowers early in the morning when the stems are plump with moisture, or buy the flowers early in the day when they are fresh. Store them in room temperature water, in a cool, dark place until you are ready to arrange them. This will keep them fresh and they will last longer. You may be tempted to use an assortment of colors and flower types for your arrangements, but limiting your bouquet to a single color, with varying shades, or a single type of flower, like daisies or carnations, will be stunning and trendy.


You can set your party centerpiece apart by using unusual or uncommon containers. Inverted wine goblets of varying heights with chunky candles set on the up-ended bases is elegant and simple. Pine boughs, berry branches or ivy vines can be placed around and among the goblets. Ceramic or porcelain pitchers, casseroles, serving dishes or tea cups found at thrift shops or garage sales are delightful containers for centerpieces. Hollowed-out pumpkins, melons, eggplant or other fruits and vegetables can hold a water-filled jar for flower arrangements. Take a stroll through discount stores, home improvement centers and thrift stores to get ideas for objects that would make unique containers for your party centerpieces.


Flowers and candles are not the only things you can use to make an attractive centerpiece for your party. Potted plants in a decorative pot or placed in a paper bag with a ribbon around it is quick yet classy. Fish in a fish bowl with sand and sea shells on the table around it will be a conversation piece. Feathers, fruit, branches, pine cones and dried seed pods all can be used to create a stunning centerpiece. Add glitter, confetti and curly ribbon to bring the arrangement together.


Some of the best party centerpieces are made combining flowers with other things, particularly additions to a clear vase your arrangement is in. Adding colorful glass beads, red cranberries, lemons or limes makes your centerpiece more interesting. One or two gold fish or beta fish swimming among the flower stems will delight your guests. Combining non floral items with your flowers for your party centerpiece can entertain your company and complete your table.


You will need to take into consideration the type or format of your party when you design your centerpiece. Centerpieces for a buffet table can be tall and narrow, while a centerpiece for a dinner table must be low and horizontal, so it does not interfere with table conversations. You may want to make a test centerpiece before your party to make sure it will be what you had envisioned and will fit nicely into your party format.

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