DIY Centerpieces for Weddings


Making your own wedding centerpieces is not just about reducing costs, though there can be significant savings when you do your own. When you make your own wedding centerpieces you can create something unique and memorable that exactly fits into the venue, your theme, expresses your personality and stays within your budget.

Get Inspired

One of the reasons you chose to design and make your own wedding centerpieces is because you wanted something other than a simple bunch of flowers in a vase. But you may not have an idea of what you do want your centerpieces to look like. An ideal starting point for inspiration is the internet. Browse florist sites, wedding planning sites, and home and garden magazine sites for ideas and interesting combinations of objects you can use for your DIYwedding centerpieces.


Whether you are planning to use flowers in your wedding table centerpieces or not, you can use unique vessels and containers for a more personal and individual display. Canning jars, ceramic or porcelain containers you find at thrift shops, baskets or drinking glasses can make delightful containers for a centerpiece. Discount stores, home improvement centers and thrift shops are wonderful places to find unusual containers to use for your wedding centerpieces. Glass containers holding a bouquet of flowers can be placed in plain or fancy paper bags, then embellished with ribbon loosely tied around the bags to make an elegant, simple and low-cost centerpiece. You can cluster assorted drinking glasses of various sizes and shapes in the center of the table. Place candles inside and sprinkle flower petals or confetti around them for another classy centerpiece display. Using containers not normally considered for centerpieces will give your tables a memorable look.


Wedding flowers are often the most costly item in a wedding budget, after your wedding dress. Designing your reception table centerpieces to exclude flowers will reduce expenses, without affecting elegance. A classic centerpiece for a beach wedding is an arrangement of candles in varying heights and sizes, surrounded by white sand and seashells. Add gold and clear glitter, a few strands of metallic curly ribbon and your wedding reception tables will be appealing and inviting. Glass bowls are wonderful for creating a variety of centerpieces, from housing pretty little fish, to filling them with seashells, glass beads, berries or fruit. Many brides who make their own wedding table centerpieces use a grouping of framed pictures of the couple, which is entertaining and fun for the guests.

From Your Garden

Using existing elements from your garden, a friend's or family garden is economical, easy, and can bring in willing participants to assist you. Besides using cut flowers from a garden, you can re-pot small plants into pretty containers, tied with ribbon, for centerpieces. A grouping of small succulent plants in a low, shallow bowl resting on a bed of sand is another popular idea. In months where your garden is dormant, gathering dried pods, branches and cones, then spray painting them and adding some spray on glitter to create a dramatic center display for your reception tables. Found objects in your yard and garden can make lovely centerpieces with a personal touch.


After you have chosen how and what you want to make for your wedding centerpieces, it is a good idea to make a "test" centerpiece, exactly as you wish it to be on your wedding day. By doing so you will not only know how much time and effort your centerpieces will take, but if you are using fresh flowers, you will realize how well they endure. Many flower blossoms are not suitable for arrangements that need to last for many hours or under the conditions of your reception. You want everything to be perfect for your special day, so just like a rehearsal for the ceremony, rehearse items you intend to do yourself.

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