How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes Upside Down


Tomatoes are a beneficial addition to any avid chef's garden, providing fresh produce on a daily basis. Growing tomatoes upside down is a method of container gardening that has been said to increase productivity because of the air circulation in the leaves that is increased due to growing in a hanging position. The best tomato varieties to grow upside down are smaller ones, such as cherry tomatoes. Another benefit to growing cherry tomatoes upside down is that it takes up less room in the garden and gets rid of the necessity of staking.

Step 1

Drill a hole into the bottom center of the bucket that is about 3 inches in diameter. Try to make the edges as smooth as possible.

Step 2

Prepare the soil, enough to fill the 5-gallon bucket. Use a combination of 50 percent peat moss, 30 percent compost and 20 percent perlite. Set aside.

Step 3

Remove all the large top set of leaves from the tomato transplant so you can get it through the hole in the bucket. It is best to get a very young transplant so you don't have to remove more foliage then necessary.

Step 4

Hang the bucket up in an area where you can have access to the bottom, or where you are planning on growing the tomato. Carefully insert the plant through the hole and hold it up so there is 1 to 2 inches of plant protruding from the bottom.

Step 5

Continue to hold the plant while you pack peat moss around the inside area where the stem is sticking out. This will protect the stem from the edges of the hole. Gently let go of the cherry tomato plant and make sure it is sturdy. Fill the bucket up with the soil mixture, leaving around 1 inch of space at the top.

Step 6

Water the tomato plant thoroughly once it is at is growing spot, hung up. Fertilize the cherry tomato plant about five days after planting with a water-soluble fertilizer.

Things You'll Need

  • 5-gallon bucket with handle
  • Drill with drill bit
  • Peat moss
  • Compost
  • Perlite
  • Tomato transplant
  • Water
  • Fertilizer


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