How to Plant with Crystal Pearls Alternative Soil


Crystal pearl soil is an artificial water-retentive medium that can be used as an alternative to soil. Crystal pearl soil is attractive and comes in a variety of colors which makes it ideal for planting in clear glass containers. Plants that need low light and high humidity are best suited for growing in crystal pearls. Direct sunlight shortens the lifespan of the growing medium.

Step 1

Soak each packet of crystal pearls in 1 quart of water for 6 to 12 hours.

Step 2

Empty the soaking crystal pearls into a colander. Allow them to drain for 60 seconds.

Step 3

Remove the plant from its current container. Loosen its roots by pulling them gently away from the root ball with your hands. Rinse off all soil. Examine the roots. Healthy roots are white and firm. Prune any roots that are dark, mushy or broken, but be sure not to disturb the main taproot.

Step 4

Plant your plant in the crystal pearls alternative soil as you would actual soil. Fill the container to within 1 inch of its rim with the crystal pearl mixture. Plant at the same depth that the plant was growing in its previous container (so that the plant's root crown is even with the top layer of the crystal pearls).

Step 5

Water the crystal pearls whenever they begin to shrink, once one to two months. Once they return to their original size, they are fully rehydrated.

Things You'll Need

  • Large bowl
  • Water
  • Planting container
  • Pruning shears


  • Crystal Soil: How to Use
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