Food Gifts for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is known for the bounty of food available. The holiday is traditionally celebrated with a feast prepared for family and friends. Food gifts are especially appropriate during the Thanksgiving season and are a special way to share the bounty of Thanksgiving with friends and family you will not be seeing during the holidays. Choose Thanksgiving themed foods, or put together a collection of local specialties or ethnic themed ingredients.

Homemade Breads

Homemade breads, such as pumpkin bread, orange tea bread, cranberry bread and Hawaiian pineapple macadamia nut bread, are always appreciated. Likewise, a homemade or purchased gourmet coffee cake is always welcome. These breads are enjoyed for breakfast, brunch, dessert or as a quick snack with a cup of coffee.

Local Specialties

Fill a gift basket with local honeys, pure maple syrup, maple sugar, candies, fudge or other local foods. Find the specialty items in your area and showcase them for friends and family members that live far away. Friends that have moved out of the area will especially appreciate a selection of local favorites.

Thanksgiving Teas and Coffees

Pumpkin spice tea, pumpkin flavored coffee, or a DIY pumpkin latte mix is a sure winner for the coffee or tea lover. Add some pumpkin flavored muffins or bagels to round out the gift and provide immediate gratification. Make it personal with a special cup, mug or teapot.


The horn of plenty is a thanksgiving symbol of a bountiful harvest and good fortune. Fill a straw cornucopia basket with fruit and nuts. Or stuff the basket with cheese, specialty sausages and nuts. Accent the basket with wheat, fall leaves and berries, and accompany it with a nice bottle of wine.

Gourmet Meats

Send a gourmet smoked ham, bacon or turkey to be enjoyed with the Thanksgiving meal. This is a nice way to participate in the meal even when you can’t be present. If you are known for a particular dish, send it along with a nice note expressing your thanks for such special friends or family.

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