Easy Ways to Plant Grass

Planting grass can be accomplished using a variety of methods depending on various conditions such as grass coverage, area size, area location and the amount of grass seed to be planted. Choosing the correct method suited to your conditions will ensure an easy way to plant grass.


Use over-seeding when you have an already established lawn but need to strengthen it. This is a good method for thin grass, brown patches and bare spots. Over-seeding is when you distribute multiple layers of seed over a given area. Rake through the project area with a stiff rake to break up the soil and remove any debris.

Sod Carpet

Use sod for new lawn or to rebuild large sections of lawn. Sod is a carpet of grass that comes in either rolled or flat sections; the flat sod comes in squares and is delivered on pallets while the rolled sod is bundled up and looks like rolled carpeting. A rototiller should be used to break up the area thoroughly to a depth of 4 inches. The top 2 inches of soil are removed, allowing the sod to be even with the surrounding established grass. Lay the sod out, grass side up, on bare ground. A roller is used to push the sod edges down and together so that the sections grow intertwined and remove signs of seams.

Seed Spreader

If the ground is bare or sparsely covered you can use a seed spreader to cover the lawn with grass seeds. Use seed spreaders for large areas where over-seeding will take a time to do by hand. Spreaders come in both mechanical and walk-behind rotary models. Work with a rotary model for smaller coverage areas. Mechanical models mount onto the back of tractors or riding mowers. Fill the spreader half way to get even distribution and avoid clogging the hopper.

By Hand

Plant grass seeds by hand when you are covering a small area. This method works well for edges, corners, thin strips between plant beds and areas where bushes or former beds have been removed. Aim for a coverage of 16 seeds per square inch; keeping the distribution even and steady helps provide a good coverage when planting grass.

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