How to Kill Dulotus Plants in Ponds


The dulotus plant is a weed many people do not desire in their ponds. Using herbicides to remove this pernicious plant is just one option. There are a few biological and mechanical methods of ridding ponds from such weeds that are also effective, yet safer for other aquatic animals or plants. The most environmentally safe and cost effective method involves drawing up a plan that uses a combination of these methods, according to a publication by the Southern Regional Aquaculture Center published on the University of Arizona's College of Agriculture and Life Sciences website.

Step 1

Add resilient fish such as carp to the pond. Serving as natural pond cleaners, carp feed on pond debris and plants, including weeds of different kinds, muck and algae. This method of killing dulotus plants is effective if the pond is small or the infestation is tiny or concentrated.

Step 2

Use a natural and environmentally safe pond additive for killing dulotus plants if the weed infestation is large or scattered. Make sure the product contains granulated copper or endothall salts. Read manufacturers' directions for use and precautions prior to use.

Step 3

Mix the additives well with the pond water. To do this, sit in a motorized boat and pour the additive near the outboard motor to ensure an even distribution, which enhances the effectiveness of the product. If the additive is in a soluble crystallized form, add the required amount in a burlap bag and drag it behind the boat.

Things You'll Need

  • Carp
  • Pond additives
  • Paddle boat


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