Instructions for Using an Apple Press


An apple press is a kitchen appliance that is used to separate the juice from the solid parts of the apple. It is used when making homemade apple juice and cider. Apples are approximately 85% water. Pressing them helps to remove the majority of this liquid. The fruit is crushed while the juice runs off into a separate container. This is the best way to produce the freshest apple juice at home.

Step 1

Choose the freshest apples to press. Wash your apples thoroughly and cut off any bruised areas with a sharp knife. Pull of any stems that remain and core them, thus removing all of the seeds.

Step 2

Cut the apples into 1-inch slices and place them into a blender. The apples will need to be crushed before you can place them into a press. Set the blender on a coarse setting. You do not want the apples to puree or too much of the fruit will go through the press.

Step 3

Scoop the crush apples into the press. You will probably only get a few tablespoons into the press at a time unless you are using a large commercial apple press.

Step 4

Press the apples through the press. Turn the handle so that the press pushes down on the apples. The juice will separate from the apples. Once all of the juice has been removed, open the press and remove the solids and place more of the un-pressed apple into the press. Repeat this until all of the apples have been pressed. The final liquid will be a bit cloudy.

Things You'll Need

  • Blender
  • Sharp knife
  • Apple press


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