Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulent plants offer the garden a low maintenance, un-thirsty display that keeps the landscape alive with color while saving water. Succulents grow in a wide variety, each with its own striking shape, color and pattern. They thrive in full sun and make ideal plants to use for landscaping borders and containers. Their low-growing habit also makes them ideal tucked along garden walls to spill over the edge and into the cracks.


Landscape borders filled with succulents create texture and vibrancy to the garden. Their bright, bold colors look attractive alongside other succulents or nestled within a border alongside flowers and plants. Succulents like hardy ice plant are ideal along the front of the garden border for their trailing habit and bright green, fleshy leaves. In spring, their yellow, daisy-like flowers emerge to light up a garden border with color. Drought-tolerant, succulents withstand limited moisture but without sacrificing their bright foliage and unusual textures. They look attractive from any angle of the garden and provide long-lasting color to the border. Have fun paring succulents together to create a themed border or coupled with similar succulents for a one-of-a-kind design.


Succulents are ideal plants to nestle into containers to create a miniature garden. Their fleshy leaves thrive in pots, and their unusual shapes and colors provide endless possibilities for a creative design. Succulent plants like hen and chicks are ideal succulent varieties because they reproduce within the pot. Their round, sculptural shapes complement the finer texture of sedum. Sedum plants like stonecrop have a cascading habit that spills over the container to create dramatic display. Have fun finding unusual containers, like an old shoe or urn, or tuck succulents in an existing container with non-succulent plants.


In place of an ever-thirsty lawn, grow succulent plants. Replacing your turf grass with a wide variety of succulents not only cuts your water bill but it also creates a whimsical design to the home and garden. Grow tall succulents like sedum 'Autumn Joy' along the back of the lawn to create a backdrop to the space. Black rose, a variety of succulent, has black to burgundy leaves that complement the bright greens found in many succulents. Black rose is also winter-blooming to provide a burst of color to the often colorless landscape. Agave plants tucked on either side of an entrance, or along a front-yard path, provide an inviting entrance and focal point to the lawn and garden.

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