How to Order Dwarf Fruit & Nut Trees


Keeping dwarf trees allows you to experience the beauty and harvest of many varieties in even small landscape spaces. Dwarf fruit and nut tree varieties vary in size although most don't reach taller than 8 feet--larger than miniature tree types. Ordering dwarf fruit and nut trees requires a little planning and consideration for where you live as well as other factors, but overall it proves to be an easy process that provides you with new fruit and nut flavors via fresh plants for your own home garden.

Step 1

Locate a reputable online nursery such as or Other websites exist as well.

Step 2

Make sure you know what plant hardiness zone your region is so you can find the right kind of trees for your property. For example, living in a warm climate such as the southwest United States makes growing dwarf pomegranates and lemons easy.

Step 3

Compare different varieties of dwarf fruit and nut trees to find the right kind for your property. Different varieties of dwarf trees grow to different heights, produce different amounts of fruits and require different soil qualities.

Step 4

Select the fruit and nut dwarf trees that suit your gardening conditions.

Step 5

Choose rush shipping, since the dwarf trees are alive and vulnerable during transport. Overnight delivery of live plants varies in price but is worth it to assure the health of your fruit and nut dwarf trees.


  • USDA: Plant Hardiness Zone Map
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