How to Make Centerpieces With Bear Grass


Commonly referred to as squaw or soap grass, bear grass serves as a rich source of greenery for arrangements and centerpieces. Bear grass, contrary to its name, isn't a type of grass; it's a member of the lily family and produces fuzzy brush-like flowers. Making centerpieces with bear grass allows you the opportunity to take advantage of this popular ornamental grass in a variety of themed arrangements. Whether you're using bear grass baskets or bundles of fresh-cut grass, your table centerpieces will come to life with this deep green plant as an addition.

Step 1

Separate the bear grass into three evenly-sized bundles. Make sure the grass in each bundle is completely straight and even. Bind the grass bundles into place at the ends with a small clear rubber band.

Step 2

Insert the three bear grass bundles into the fish bowl with the rubber-banded sides pointing downward. Pour about two gallons of water into the fish bowl.

Step 3

Add the clear and pink marbles to the bowl, allowing them to settle at the bottom to anchor the bear grass into place.

Step 4

Place the magnolia blossom into the center of the bowl, allowing it to float. Make sure the grass bundles form a sort of frame around the blossom.

Step 5

Bend the ends of the of the grass bundles very gently so that they bend out over the edge of the fish bowl. Feather the ends a bit. This creates a fringed effect to the centerpiece.

Things You'll Need

  • Bear grass, 1 pound
  • Clear rubber bands
  • 3-gallon fish bowl
  • 1 pound clear marbles
  • 1 pound pink marbles
  • 1 magnolia blossom


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