Halloween Fruit Tray Ideas

Halloween is a traditional time for sweet treats, but that doesn't mean you have to load your guests up on candy. Offer a healthier alternative at your party or gathering by making a Halloween fruit tray. Fruit comes in so many different colors, sizes and shapes it can be used to create festive snack trays that fit the occasion.

Body Parts

Think about the kinds of body parts your fruit might resemble from any real or imagined creatures. Scrape the seeds off strawberries and call them a "troll's heart." Use a clean, fine paint brush and food dye to make veins and a pupil on a peeled grape and call them "cat's eyes." Raisins can be "bat droppings." Use your imagination and label each different section of "body parts" with place cards or a paper label on a toothpick. For a finishing touch, drizzle some raspberry sauce blood over the tray. The power of suggestion can go very far with Halloween fruit snacks.

Apples with Worms

Mixing candy with fruit will attract children and help you sneak in some healthy snacks. Use gummy worms to make your tray of apples disgustingly delightful. Scoop out the top of the core with a paring knife, leaving the bottom to hold in the stuffing. Scoop some peanut butter into the hole, and insert some gummy worms so that they are hanging out and over the top. Alternately, make caramel apples with any recipe and roll them in a bowl of gummy worms while the caramel is still warm and sticky.

Scary or Funny Faces

Slice and assemble fruits to create Halloween food faces. Make them as cute or as creepy-looking as you like. Use toothpicks to hold the features on the face if necessary, or make slits with a knife to insert other pieces. One piece of flat, sliced fruit will serve as the "face," as well as the canvas for you to decorate. Canned pear halves make interesting skull heads. Half an orange, cut side up, serves as a jack-o-lantern face. A 1/4-inch, round slice of green honeydew melon makes a perfect monster face. Slices of kiwi make interesting, big eyes; or create beady little eyes with cherry halves. A grape or slice of peach can be used for a nose, and a wedge of grapefruit or apple finishes it off with a mouth. As usual, a bit of any red fruit sauce or syrup serves well as blood.

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