How to Spray Diesel to Kill Grass


Diesel gasoline is toxic to all plant material. If you spray even a small amount on the grass in your yard, it will die quickly. But take care. It only takes a thin coating of diesel to kill grass growing in your lawn. Large diesel spills persist in the soil and it will likely inhibit the growth of new grass in the area for the rest of the season. If you accidentally spill diesel onto the grass, remove the top 4 inches of soil before you re-plant.

Step 1

Use a funnel to carefully fill a plastic hand spray bottle with diesel stored in a fuel container. Use a permanent marker to label the bottle "gasoline".

Step 2

Spray the grass with the diesel. Spray early in the morning on a day with no wind and no rain forecast for the next 48 hours. Apply a thin coating to the grass blades. Stop before the point of run-off (fluid dripping off of the grass blades).

Step 3

Remove the grass as soon as it is dead. Use a flat-edged shovel to remove the grass and the inch of soil below it. If conditions become dry enough, it could become a fire hazard.

Step 4

Empty any remaining gasoline back into the fuel container. Rinse the interior of the plastic container thoroughly with a hose before storing it. Do not use the plastic container to store any consumables in the future.

Things You'll Need

  • Spray bottle
  • Fuel container
  • Flat-edged shovel


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