Ideas for Harvest Gift Bags & Crafts

Autumn gives people lots of reasons to celebrate, from the first harvest through Halloween and finally Thanksgiving. And, of course, there are birthdays and fall weddings. Make your own harvest gift bags to save money or just add a personal touch. Most can be made up at least a week in advance, others several weeks to months.

Fall Goodies

A cellophane bag tied with raffia containing edible goodies is an easy and inexpensive harvest gift bag. Put a layer of unshelled nuts in the bag with a bright red shiny apple. Add fall colored foil-wrapped chocolate candies and a package of cocoa for crisp fall evenings. Tie with raffia. Hot glue a few stems of wheat and fall leaves to the raffia bow. The apple will last a week. Keep in a cool spot so the chocolate doesn't melt. Put the bag in a ceramic coffee cup in colors of gold, rust or red.

Fall Scents

A fabric-covered box filled with the scents of fall is a welcome gift. Add a card with the list of items so there's no confusion about whether something is edible or not. Glue fabric to wooden boxes available from craft stores. Fill the box with cinnamon sticks, spice scented candles and soaps. Add a few drops of apple scented oil and perhaps an apple-shaped candle. Place the box in a brown bag. Sponge paint the bag with different leaf shapes and use autumn colors with a sprinkling of gold leaves.

Autumn Potpourri

The smells and sights of autumn are found in this melange of potpourri ingredients. Dry them yourself if you're the crafty type. Mix dried apple slices, yellow marigolds, orange roses, cinnamon sticks and whole anise stars with fall leaves. Add a mini pumpkin and the potpourri is finished. Scent with apple, clove, lemon and orange oils. Package in cellophane bags tied with thin satin ribbons in orange and rust.

Dried Flowers

Hot glue a mini bouquet of fall flowers onto the neck of a gourd. Nestle it in a bag on a bed of dried fall leaves. Select a gourd with a flat side so it won't roll. Tie a raffia bow around the crook in the neck of the gourd and the mini bouquet of dried flowers to the bow. It's easier to assemble the bouquet first and glue it on, rather than gluing the flowers to the gourd one by one.

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