Dimensional Red Sunflower Crafts

When people think of sunflowers, they think of towering plants over 6 feet tall with bright yellow petals around a seed head that's up to 8 inches across. What they may not realize is that sunflowers come as small as 3 feet high with flowers only 3 inches across and colors aren't limited to yellow. There are orange, burgundy, pink and red sunflowers. If you love sunflowers, create crafts that feature them.

3-D Photo

These photos almost look three dimensional because they are layered, adding depth between the layers. Each photo is slightly smaller than the previous one and mounted on foam board. The slight difference in size, in addition to the depth the foam board provides, gives a 3-D effect. Experiment with a garden of sunflowers or just one large photo. Keep in mind that many images found on the Internet are copyright protected and cannot be used without permission. Make sure you use a site that allows reproduction of the image. If you have a digital camera and printer, use your own photos for a personal touch.


Plump up the petals of a fabric red sunflower, and then attach to a throw pillow or use as artwork. The petals of the sunflower are glued to a felt backing using fabric glue and then stuffed. The stuffing adds the three dimensional effect. If you know how to sew, sew them on the backing with a blanket stitch in a contrasting color to the red. Sew a second smaller layer of petals over the first. Fill in the centers of the red sunflowers with lots of small brown buttons. Choose several small red prints for the petals and alternate them for each sunflower. Or make each sunflower out of the same red print, but a different print for each sunflower applique.


If you can't find any red sunflowers, that's not a problem. Dye yellow sunflowers red by placing the stems in a water dye bath. Red food coloring in a glass of water works well. The yellow sunflowers absorb the water and the dye and turn red in a few days. Dry by hanging upside down by their stems in groups of three to five. When dry, attach to a grapevine wreath with hot glue and accent with a raffia bow. Group the flowers in a vase filled with red, orange and yellow glass pebbles to bring out the red in the sunflowers.

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