Pansies as a Houseplant


A member of the viola family, which includes johnny jump-ups, pansies are perennial flowers that many gardeners plant outside as annuals. Growing pansies as a houseplant allows you to enjoy their colorful blossoms year-round. Pansies come in a range of colors from purple and yellow to blue or orange.


Pansies can be grown as a houseplant year-round in all hardiness zones. This flower dislikes both extreme heat and cold, so performs well in a cool room indoors. These plants benefit from some outside time and can be moved outside to brighten up a patio or porch. Place pansy plants outdoors in the summer in temperate climates and outdoors in the winter in USDA hardiness zones 9 and 10.


Plant pansies only in well-draining potting mix. These flowers will get stem rot if planted in poorly draining soil, because the wet soil around the roots can lead to root rot.


Pansies require six hours of light per day to bloom. With less light, the pansies produce fewer blooms and grow leggy, looking less attractive. Place pansies in a south-facing window so they get the most natural light. If you don't have adequate light indoors, provide a fluorescent or incandescent plant light for your pansies.


Water pansies regularly, giving 1 inch of water per week. Do not place the container in a saucer if it is still draining water because this could overflow. Instead, water over the sink and allow the pansy to remain in the sink until water stops seeping from the drainage holes. To prevent against root rot, always plant pansies in a container with drainage holes at the bottom.


Pansies grown as houseplants should be repotted with fresh potting soil every year. Use the same container or repot plants into a container one size larger if you can see the roots coming through the bottom of the container. Always use containers with drainage holes and appropriate potting soil.

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