How to Make Small Centerpieces in a Glass Bowl


Whether you have guests for dinner or are preparing that romantic meal for two, glass bowl centerpieces add that special touch that transforms dinner from a simple meal to a dining experience. A dinner for two might feature one large centerpiece bowl, while you might create several to place along the table for a dinner party. Making a simple glass bowl centerpiece takes mere minutes, but the effect it creates lasts through the entire evening.

Step 1

Place decorative glass stones in the bottom of the bowl. Stones that match the color of flowers reflect their beauty. Clear stones provide sparkle to the water.

Step 2

Fill the bowl to within an inch or two of the rim with water. The amount of water depends on the shape and size of the bowl.

Step 3

Add one or more floating candles to the water. The number depends on the size of the candles and the surface space in the bowl. If using more than one candle, select an odd number of candles.

Step 4

Drop flower petals or flower buds in the water to surround the candles. Flowers and candles should float freely. Avoid overcrowding.

Step 5

Place the bowl on a mirror and position in the center of the table. Scatter flower petals or springs of your favorite herbs around the base of the bowl. One or two small flowers placed on the mirror double from the reflection.

Step 6

Light candles prior to serving dinner.

Things You'll Need

  • Glass bowl
  • Decorative stones
  • Floating candles
  • Fresh flowers/herbs
  • Small mirror


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