How to Make a Christmas Wreath Craft for Kids


Encouraging kids to join in with the holiday decorating develops their sense of worth and value to the family. Complicated Christmas crafts designed for adults are simply too difficult for young children, often leaving them frustrated and discouraged. Choosing projects that are suitable for their age, or adapting projects to meet their needs, allows kids to enjoy holiday decorating. Making a Christmas wreath is a craft project kids can accomplish with little adult supervision.

Step 1

Help your child weave and wire a section of evergreen garland to a wreath ring. The amount of garland required depends on the thickness of the garland and the desired thickness of the wreath. For a simple project, wire a single section to the wreath at several intervals. For a more finished look, weave the garland around the wreath wire until it reaches the desired thickness and secure to the ring with wire.

Step 2

Ask your child to select Christmas ornaments, small toys, cones, seedpods or other decorative ornaments for the wreath. Set aside. Resist the urge to control which items the child chooses and allow him the freedom to make decisions about how his wreath should look.

Step 3

Provide several decorative bows for your child to select from and allow her to choose a bow for the wreath.

Step 4

Show your child how to wire ornaments and other items to a wired floral pick. Demonstrate the procedure. Observe your child as he wires his own, offering assistance when necessary.

Step 5

Demonstrate tucking the ends of the floral pick into the wreath to secure the ornaments. Observe your child as she attempts to add ornaments to the wreath. Young children may need assistance.

Step 6

Allow your child to wire the remaining ornaments and ribbon. Encourage him to attach the ornaments to the wreath to create an attractive Christmas wreath.

Step 7

Hang the wreath in a visible area in the home to allow your child to show off her hard work.

Things You'll Need

  • Wreath ring, 12 inches
  • Wreath wire
  • Evergreen garland, 3 to 6 feet
  • Cones
  • Seedpods
  • Christmas ornaments
  • Christmas bow
  • Wired wooden floral picks


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