Wreath Making Directions for Christmas


Christmas wreaths bring cheer for the holidays with their bright colors and streaming ribbons. Making a Christmas wreath from dried flowers and herbs from your garden adds a down-home feel to your home and celebrates the beauty of nature. Although there is no right and wrong way to make a Christmas wreath from natural materials, there are some guidelines that will make the process easier.

Step 1

Select the material for your base. Typically, the base requires dried herbs or foliage with a lacy texture. Consider the overall color of the base. White or silver makes an appropriate background if you intend to add dried flowers or other decorative items. Dried silver mound foliage, wild narrow cudweed or dried herbs make an attractive base.

Step 2

Cut the stems into 3- to 4-inch sections with a pair of garden clippers.

Step 3

Gather three to four stems and form a small bundle. Wire the bundle to a wooden floral pick.

Step 4

Insert the wooden floral pick into the straw wreath base. Work your way around the base, adding stems until the entire wreath is full and fluffy. Cover both the inner and outer edges of the wreath.

Step 5

Add dried flowers, small Christmas ornaments, cones or other decorative items by wiring them to a floral pick and inserting them into the wreath. Arrange embellishments to keep a balance of color and shape.

Step 6

Add a decorative bow to the top and allow streamers to dangle over the wreath. Secure the bow to a wired floral pin and insert into the straw wreath base.

Things You'll Need

  • Straw wreath base, 12 inch
  • Wired floral picks
  • Dried foliage
  • Dried flowers
  • Embellishments
  • Decorative ribbon


  • Clemson Uiveristy Extension: Making Wreaths
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