How to Plant a Tree for $10


Planting a tree for $10 does not mean buying a cheap shovel and looking for acorns. While that is certainly a possibility, it makes more sense to invest the money in one of the numerous programs that will plant a tree for you for 10 bucks. You'll find that these programs not only are environmentally friendly but also ensure you won't have to visit your chiropractor after spending a day digging.

Step 1

Send a check for at least $10 to the USDA Forest Service, 811 Constitution Avenue, Bedford, IN 47421. Include with the check a letter that states whom the tree is for, whom (name and address) you want the certificate sent to, and your name, address and phone number. This will allow the Forest Service to plant 10 trees in a national forest. You will receive an acknowledgment card confirming that they received your check, and you can have a certificate sent to someone else for a special event or as a memorial.

Step 2

Go to the Arbor Day Foundation's website at Click on "Shop," then "Trees in Memory" or "Trees in Celebration." Choose $10 and indicate where you want to send the certificate. You have the option of receiving the certificate yourself, sending it to someone else, or printing it. You will need to enter in information about who the gift is to or in memory of and who made the gift. Then click continue. You'll be asked to enter in your personal and payment information. For every $10 donated, the Arbor Day Foundation plants ten trees in a national forest.

Step 3

Go to the Arbor Day Foundation's website at and select "Membership." A six-month membership with the Arbor Day Foundation costs $10. With that membership you have the option of having 10 trees sent to you to plant or having the Arbor Day Foundation plant 10 trees in a national forest in your honor. If you decide to have the trees sent to you, the Arbor Day Foundation will send you ten 6- to 12-inch-tall trees that will grow well in your area. The trees will arrive when it is the best time to plant them. You have the option of completing your membership form online or printing it out and mailing or faxing it to the Arbor Day Foundation.

Step 4

Go to the Natural Resources Defense Council's Save BioGems website ( Click "Save Wildlands." Scroll down until you see "Costa Rica" and select "Revive a Rainforest." Click where it says "Plant a Tree." On the next page, fill in your personal and billing information as well as information about who you want to receive the certificate. For $10 the NRDC will plant a tree in a rejuvenated rain forest in Costa Rica.

Things You'll Need

  • Credit card or check


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