Design Ideas for Home Landscaping

A well-designed landscape improves how a yard looks. It also adds value to the property. As an investment, landscaping is worth the time and effort. Think through and make up a plan before attempting to make any changes. Make a list of priorities accompanied by a budget to successfully create a new design.


A walkway adds style to the landscape. A path can lead a person to a destination, or be ornamental. Paths are made from almost any landscaping material--pavers, crushed rock, brick, flagstones and wood. Plant flowers around a walkway to use the path as a garden border. For a soft, natural look, grow creeping perennial plants in the walkway between the paths material. Plants like blue star creeper, ornamental thyme and creeping Jenny will all take heavy foot traffic and keep the path free from weeds.

Retaining Wall

Commonly used on hills and slopes, a retaining wall creates a structure holding back soil. A wall can also be just for decorative purposes. Vary the material used to match a home and desired design plan. Landscaping timber, stone, concrete, bricks and wood are some material choices used to create a wall. The wall makes an attractive backdrop for shrubs and plants to be planted in front or on top of the wall.


Some landscapes benefit with a patio. Patios are outdoor living spaces that usually have some type of flooring paved with tiles, concrete pavers, stone or bricks. Outdoor furniture make the patio a stylish comfortable area. Patio roofs, fire pits or cooking spaces add to the design's comfort. There are many patio-design options.


Install a garden. Plants improve and brighten design plans for the property. Two main styles of gardens are formal and informal. A formal garden has a symmetrical pattern with straight lines and geometrical shapes. Informal style garden bends and curves at will, with no planned planting structure. Each Informal garden is different and the look will vary. A formal garden may require more upkeep than an informal style.

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