Different Shades of Pink Roses

The different shades of pink roses include variety in how light or dark the pink hue is as well as whether or not other colors are included in the rose. From pastel pinks that resemble cupcake frosting to deep pinks with intense saturated color, all types of rose plant blossoms, from grandifloras to hybrid teas, appear in variations of the color pink. For vibrant color, grow roses in full sun and loose, well-drained soil.

Pink Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses come in a variety of pink shades. Hybrid tea roses are a type of modern rose; modern roses are those developed after 1867. The most widely planted rose varieties, hybrid tea roses display elongated buds with pointed tips and blossoms well-suited for use as cut flowers. Stems are green, tall and thin, reaching up to 6 feet in height with minimal foliage. Hybrid tea roses are not generally grown for use in the landscape but are prized for their beautiful flowers. Suggested and widely-planted pink hybrid tea roses include light pink varieties "Royal Highness" and "Dainty Bess." Medium pinks are "Tiffany," "Perfume Delight," "Candy Stripe," "Eiffel Tower," "Helen Traubel" and "Miss All American Beauty." A suggested dark pink hybrid tea option is "Pink Peace" and widely planted pink blends are "First Prize" and "Confidence."

Pink Grandiflora Roses

The grandiflora rose is another type of modern rose plant that produces large flowers prized for their beauty and pointed buds, according to the Clemson University Extension. Grandifloras are vigorous, hardy plants that display blossoms in clusters. Different shades of pink grandifloras include light pink and medium pink varieties. Widely planted light pinks include "Aquarius" and "pink parfait." A suggested medium pink grandiflora is "Queen Elizabeth."

Pink Floribunda Roses

A modern rose, the floribunda belongs to a re-blooming rose plant that displays a lower-growing bush form when compared to hybrid teas and grandifloras. With abundant clustered small flower displays, floribunda rose plants are often grown in the landscape as shrubs, according to the Clemson University Extension. Suggested shades of pink floribundas include light pink "Gay princess" and "Gene Boerner." Medium pink varieties are "Betty Prior" and "Pink bountiful."

Pink Climbing Roses

Climbing roses are those that ascend nearby structures by producing shoots that cling to fences, trellises or other supports. Climbing roses are vigorous in growth and are available as ramblers that bloom once a season with small flowers; with a rapid growth rate, these climbers grow up to 20 feet within a single season, according to the Clemson University Extension. Large-flowered climbers display larger blossoms than ramblers, growing up supports with a slow growth rate. Different shades of pink climbing roses include the suggested light pink "New Dawn" and medium pink "Blossomtime."

Pink Miniature Roses

Miniature roses are a proportionately smaller modern roses when compared to other varieties. With their smaller size ranging from 8 to 24 inches in height, miniature roses are well-suited for indoor growth and container planting, according to the Clemson University Extension. Pink shades of miniature roses include light pink "Marilyn," medium pink "Bo-Peep" and "Tinker Bell" and the dark pink "Pixie Rose."

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