Garden Light Craft Ideas

Explore crafty ways to create your own garden lights by recycling old materials and repurposing unusual materials. Everything you need to make decorative lights for your outdoor space is available at craft stores, thrift stores and online retailers. You may even have plastic planters and old light fixtures taking up space in your garage that are just what you need for this project.


Transform an outdated metal light fixture with arms into a candlelier for your garden. Look for old arm-style light fixtures at thrift stores and yard sales. Remove the wiring and the light bulbs, but leave the chain so you can hang the candlelier from a tree limb or an outdoor hook. Spray paint the old fixture to give it fresh life, then hang crystals from the arms using fishing line or thin beading wire. Insert taper candles into the light bulb sockets to create the candlelier. Hang the fixture in an area where the crystals will catch the sunlight so you can enjoy rainbows dancing in your garden.

Glass Block Landscape Lights

Decorate glass blocks with stained-glass paint, glass cabochons or stained glass tiles to make ambient landscape lighting for your garden. Get your glass blocks at a craft store, not a home improvement store, and you’ll find that they already have access holes drilled into one side. After decorating the glass, insert string lights inside the glass block to add a soft glow. Line a row of glass block landscape lights along a garden pathway, on the perimeter of your garden patio or along the front of a flower bed.

Planter Lanterns

Turn plastic planters into decorative lanterns with a little creativity and a few crafty embellishments. For example, transform a planter into a lamp shade for an exterior single bulb light fixture, similar to something that you would take camping. Drill a hole in the base of the planter, large enough to fit over the light bulb fixture. Puncture or drill holes around the perimeter of the planter, so the light will shine through. Cover the holes with glass cabochons, bits of sea glass or stained glass to add color to the light. Clear, waterproof adhesive works well to attach these and similar materials to the planter.

Decorative String Lights

Embellish a strand of plain string lights with copper garden cutouts. Trace garden related images at least 2-inches square onto copper foil, which you can find at most craft stores. Cut the image outlines using sharp household shears; take care because cut copper can be sharp. Puncture two holes along the bottom edge of the copper cutout and thread a small strand of copper wire through the holes to make a tie-on. You can also punch holes in the copper cutouts so that the light will shine through, not just around, the copper decorations. Attach one copper cutout to each string light on the strand by twisting the ends of the wire tie-on around the base of the light.

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