How to Make an Antlers Flower Arrangement


Decorating your dining table allows you to accent family dinners with focal points. For a rustic decor scheme, using antlers--and other natural materials--adds charm to a table centerpiece. Making an antlers centerpiece proves to be a creative task that allows you the ability to mix and match a variety of materials for decoration.

Step 1

Put a tablecloth on the table, then place two deer antlers on the center of the table. Place the antlers side by side.

Step 2

Wrap a silk grapevine around the bottom of both of the antlers. Wrap the vine around the antlers a couple of times.

Step 3

Snip the stems from the curved blossom base of about six silk flowers.

Step 4

Apply a small amount of glue onto the back of a silk flower. Choose a flower, such as a daisy, lily or anything you find pretty. Choose flowers that complement your dining room decor.

Step 5

Apply the silk flowers to the antlers, putting three flowers on each antler.

Step 6

Place a napkin holder between the two antlers.

Things You'll Need

  • Tablecloth
  • Deer antlers (2)
  • Silk grape vine (4 feet long)
  • Silk flowers (6)
  • Hot glue gun with glue
  • Napkin holder
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