Garden Paint Craft Ideas

Painted crafts add colorful designs to your outdoor space that can complement colorful flowers in your garden. Acrylics and exterior latex spray paints hold up well to the elements. You can use acrylics and exterior spray paint on wood, concrete, terracotta and glass to create a variety of decorations for your garden.

Painted Planters

Terracotta planters can be the building blocks for a variety of garden crafts. The plain planters can be attractive without paint, but come to life with a few coats of colorful acrylic or spray paint. Paint several layers of a base coat color, and then you can decorate the planters with painted flowers, hummingbirds, butterflies and other garden-related themes. Stencils and templates help make painting the decorations a breeze. Small painted terracotta planters make decorative headers for wind chimes. Glue two large painted planters together to make the base for a bird bath. Arrange several different sizes of painted planters, rim to rim and base to base, to create a garden sculpture. If you run out of ideas, you can always use a painted terracotta pot as a container for planted flowers and herbs.

Concrete Stepping Stones

Decorate plain concrete slab stepping stones with acrylics to create a colorful pathway for your garden. Make that the concrete stones have been cured for at least one month before painting. Tape templates or stencils on the stepping stones and fill in or around with acrylic craft paint. You’ll need a course, inexpensive paint brush as the concrete finish is rough.

Painted Garden Lights

Cover both sides of a glass block with stained glass paint to make decorative lighting for your garden. Craft stores sell glass blocks with pre-drilled openings so you can insert string lights inside the blocks. Stained glass paint is translucent; the light will shine through the glass block and highlight the painted designs.

Painted Bird House

Purchase an unfinished wooden birdhouse from a craft store and paint it with acrylic paints to fit your garden space. Decorate the bird house in a mosaic design, using many different paint colors, or keep it simple with a single base color and a few colorful accents. Paint tiles on the roof or paint windows on all three sides. Let your imagination be your guide. Add a protective coating of exterior polyurethane after the paint dries to help protect the wood.

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